Sunday, January 18, 2009

I don't like beer anyway

So, my husband is a beer drinker. He loves all kinds of beer. I call him a beer snob. He just loves it so much. Beer is the only thing allowed in my house that has gluten in it. I try to be a good wife. I can't take away his beer. I'm not sure if he really thinks it's worth it considering the fact that I chase him around telling him where to set his beer, not to knock it over, throw it away in here, wash your hands, etc. I mentioned that I have O.C.D. right?

So when I found out that there is a gluten free beer I told him he should try it. It's called Bard's Tale and it is made with Sorghum instead of Barley. We went and bought some today. He tried it and said it was okay, but not really his style. Okay, well I had to try it too. I don't like beer, I think it tastes gross. I always have. It's just not my thing. But I had to try it, right. They made it for me, right? (Yes, the world revolves around me.)

So I taste it and......uh.....YUM!

Me: Wow, this is good!
Hubby: Yeah? I thought it was okay.
Me: It doesn't have that taste.
Hubby: It doesn't have the barley flavor.
Me: Yeah that. That's why it's good.
Hubby: It doesn't really taste like beer.
Me: I'm okay with that.
Hubby: It was $11.50 for a six pack.
Me: Yeah, I'm okay with that too.

So, while the guys at Bard's Tale may not have gotten my husband to convert, I think you will still find it in my fridge because they made a beer drinker out of me.


  1. Good deal!!! Now I want to try it!

  2. haha I've tried Bard's Tale and thought it was good too, even though I was never a beer drinker!

    There are several other brands that also have gluten free beer that I think taste a little more beer-like, that your husband might like better. My sister tried Anheuser-Busch's GF beer called Red Bridge and said it tasted just like a dark beer. I was in NYC a few months ago at a restaurant and they offered like 6 or 7 different kinds!