Friday, January 30, 2009

At long last my bread has arrived

So bread was kinda getting me down. All the gluten free bread I have tried have ranged from not incredibly edible to downright nasty. I thought there was no hope.


I looked at Kinnikinnick gluten free food online, but they didn't list any retailers within hours of me. There white bread looked nice though so I was thinking that I might order some one day. Then I spotted it at Fred Meyer. I hadn't seen it before because it was in the frozen section of the natural foods and I am not big on tofu and other things they keep in there. I was so excited that I bought some right away. It was almost $7 and that would be the most I have spent on bread so far, but when I tried it, it was well worth every penny. It's still a bit dense like most gluten free breads, but the flavor is amazing and toasted you can't even tell the difference. At this point I am not big on sandwiches anymore, but I have the urge to make a whole loaf of toast and jam. Well....I better get on that.

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  1. GF bread can be SO expensive! I like to make my own with Pamelas mix and my breadmaker. Even the gluten eaters like it, I use the white sandwich bread mix and cut it into big thick slices. Yum. Love your blog!