Thursday, March 12, 2009

WOW cookies!

So we made a little trip to the WOW Baking Co. in Kent today. We picked up an order of generously donated cookies for my Celiac Disease Meetup group. The people there are great and gave us a bunch of cookies so that my whole group can try all of the flavors. BTW they have a new flavor. Oregon Oatmeal. Yeah....YUM. They are made with REAL gluten free oats. No faux oatmeal cookies there. And they have cranberries and apricots in them which makes them good for me, right? Right. :)

The little one was in heaven because they gave him a huge fresh baked cookie. I tried to finagle a few bites, but he couldn't spare much. I must say these are the best premade cookies you can buy, gluten free or not. Buy some now.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Garlic Jims has GF pizza!

And it is so good. I have had trouble with pizza crusts at home. They weren't awful, but not great either. Well, I attended my first CD Meetup group last night and Garlic Jims donated 8 pizzas to our meeting. They are awesome. They brought all kinds of pizza and it was all fabulous. And very generous of them. The crust is thin obviously, but it's taste and texture were very "normal". They also give you the option of using feta cheese for those of you who don't eat casien....or those of you who just love feta. It is awesome that a chain restaurant, and especially a pizza place, has the social awareness to offer something like this. Way to go Garlic Jims!

Great Harvest Bread

So I just found out that the Great Harvest Bread Company on South Hill has gluten-free bread and goodies. They only bake them on Wednesdays so that they are not baking regular bread at the same time I think. I got a loaf of fresh baked bread that is a nut and grain type bread. It is moist and sweet and most delicious. It is the only really tolerable bread I have found so far. I also picked up some cinnamon chip muffins. They are awesome. You really can't tell that you are eating GF. It turns out that a lady from my CD Meetup is great friends with the lady that owns that Great Harvest. And it is actually her bread recipe. I am so excited to have found a bread that I love. Apparently they bake different goodies from week to week because my friend said that last Wednesday she got a GF chocolate chip scone there. 3 cheers for Great Harvest!